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Piano Keys

(original, and in a variety of styles)


Download over fifty tracks of inspiring piano music and matching sheet music especially composed for the ballet and contemporary dance class by an experienced dance repetiteur -ex Australian Ballet School, London Contemporary Dance School, Rambert Academy (London), Queensland Ballet, Royal Ballet School, Finnish National Ballet, Laban Centre (London) etc 

This music is a combination of years of experience working in this genre and includes music from all the famous eras in music (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionist, Contemporary, Jazz, Rock, Musical Theatre etc) up until the present and also includes a page of cover/popular standards

ballet class music
Image by Lorenzo Spoleti

Hello, and welcome to my website.
I have worked as a pianist, keyboard player, composer, arranger, accompanist, teacher and session musician for over forty years and played, written and arranged a variety of musical styles according to the job or contract I was under at the time, but for a large portion of my professional life I worked in a number of dance and performing arts institutions both in Europe and Australia as a repetiteur (or dance accompanist) and during that time a number of teachers and dancers suggested I notate, record and catalogue some of the original music I composed for others to use. While studying for my Bachelor of Music degree, I had an interest in composition and improvisation and in later years found the dance world, albeit human movement with all its inspiring intricacies, a wonderful platform on which to embellish this interest and let the creative juices flow.

Modern Ballet Dancers

Music especially composed or arranged for the ballet and contemporary dance class

Download albums, popular songs and/or E-book sheet music

ODCM album cover Book 1.png
ODCM album cover Book 2.png
album cover

There are two tracks for each major exercise over two books, often of a contrasting nature and which can be used for either classical or, in some instances, contemporary class, or both. Additional popular music arranged for class can be found on my bio page. There are more contemporary class tracks on the way to be included in Book 3, but I will start with predominately classical class music as it is more widely used. The choice for each named exercise is a guideline only and of course flexible and most of the tracks for the barre are repeated for the other side.  Some of these exercises have also been recorded at different tempos, to be included soon or as requested if you'd like to contact me.

Here are a few selected examples out of 52 current tracks and matching sheet music. You can hear and view additional samples of both books on the Album Page on the main site, but not the mobile site.

album cover
album cover


1. Plie 1 Traditional Romantic style        
2. Slow Tendu 1 Classical style            
3. Moderate Tendu 1                
4. Fast Tendu 1 Contemporary style        
5. Glisse 1 Whimsical                
6. Rond de Jambe 1 (Late Romantic style)        
7. Fondu 1 Classical Etude style   
8. Petit Battement  2 Traditional        
9. Rock feel Frappe or Tendus etc        
10. Adage 1 Operatic                
11. Grand Battement 1                       
12. Port de Bras 2 Minimalist style           

13. Adage 3 Impressionistique            
14. Ol' Time Bluesy Steady Tendu            
15. Waltz 1 Traditional diagonal            
16. Jumps 1 Traditional                
17. Glissade Assemble 1 Espanol        
18. Ragtime No 1 (variety of exercises)        
19. Grande Valse 2 Alternative style        
20. Eschappe 1 Traditional            
21. Assemble 1 in 6/8 time Traditional        
22. Jumps 3 Ragtimeish                
23. Bourree 1 Traditionelle            
24. Coda 1 Whimsical                 
25. Male Tour 1 Traditional            
26. Mazurka 1 Traditional

27. Plie 2 Originale
28. Slow Tendu 2 Baroque style
29. Moderate Tendu 2 Jazzy
30. Fast Tendu 2 Baroque
31. Tarantella (Glisse)
32. Rond de Jambe 2 (Originale style)        
33. A light Tango
34. Petit Battement 4 Whimsical
35. Frappe 1 (Classical style)
36. Adage 2 Bluesy
37. Grande Battement 2 'Showbizzy'
38. Port de Bras 1 (Early Classical Style)
39. Adage 4 Traditional Romantic
40. Tendu Traditional March
41. Waltz 2 Brian's Spanish Waltz
42. Jumps 2 (Contemporary)
43. Glissade Assemble 2 Traditional
44. Ragtime No 2 'The Hampton Rag'
45. Grande Valse 1 Traditional
46. Frappe with petit battement
47. Eschappe releve Traditional
48. Jumps 4 Traditional
49. Bourree 2 Impressionistique
50. Coda 2 Traditional
51. Male Tour 2 Traditional
52. Polonaise Traditional


1. Plie 1 Sample 2

Selected sample tracks

4. Fast Tendu 1 Contemporary style Sampl
5. Glisse 1 Whimsical sample
6. Rond de Jambe Late Romantic style Sam
9. Rock feel tendus & frappes etc Sample
10. Operatic Adage Sample 2
8. Petit Battement 2 Sample 2
13. Adage Impressionistique Sample 2
14. Ol' Time Bluesy Steady Tendu Sample
17. Glissade Assemble Espanol Sample 2.w
19. Grande Valse 2 Alternative style Sam
18. Ragtime No 1 Sample 2
21. Point Class in 68 Sample 2
22. Jumps Ragtimeish Sample 2
30. Fast Tendu 2 Baroque Sample 2
31. Tarantella sample
36. Bluesy Adage Sample 2
34. Petit Battement 4 Whimsical sample.w
37. Grande Battement 2 JazzyShowbizzy Sa
38. Port de Bras 1 sample
41. Brian's Spanish Waltz sample with fa
42. Jumps 2 Contemporary sample
43. Glissade Assemble 2 Traditional Samp
49. Bourree Impressionistique Sample 2.w
50. Traditional Coda Sample 2
album cover

Selected sample sheet music

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